Hello, I have a set up with the camera pointed at a scanning laser beam.
By use of a photo diode I create a trigger for the camera.
This way, I should be able to observe the laser spot always at the same location (angle) from scan to scan
The trigger signal is a nice differential square wave between about 0.1 and 3.8V. The jitter on this signal is about 100 ns p-p
However, there seems to be a large jitter on the exposure, as observed by the camera live image. By measuring the difference of the angle of the laser spot I calculate this to be about 10 to 20 microsecond

I am also observing the trigger and the strobe out on the oscilloscope, this gives the same jitter of about 10-20 microsecond.
If I decrease the frame rate (by increasing delay or mask time) I see a structure to the jitter. It is ever increasing and then gets reset, increases again, reset, etc.

What could be wrong in this setup?
I am out of ideas what to check next.