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Thread: Extreme simple application C++

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    Unhappy Extreme simple application C++

    Hello everyone. I have been using only Linux for the past few years, and now I found myself in the need of using Windows due to the DMK 21AU04 camera.

    I am using a application in which I basically need to retrieve 50 images when a button is clicked. All the interface is already done in JS, CSS and HTML5 using electron. All other functionalities, as the camera, will be controled via C++ (I will write a wrap for the C++ functions).

    The problem here is that I have been romaing around the forum and website, and could not find a simple example (by simple I mean a example which has no interface, just open the camera, print settings and save a image, something like that). All examples that I have come across make uses of windows form, which I am trying to be as far as possible. I just wanted to use the camera easily (save images, save video, etc)

    Do you all have some example like that? And do I really need Visual Studio to compile it? Can't I use just a compiler without the whole IDE or something like that!?

    Thank you all very very much!

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    Re: Extreme simple application C++

    If you want to use Windows, then you should start with
    Best regards
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