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Thread: Use DFK AFU420-CCS in VB6

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    Question Use DFK AFU420-CCS in VB6

    I have a problem with the camera DFK AFU420-CCS.

    In several projects I used the DFK 24UJ003 with no problems.
    It is properly recognized and handled by IC CAPTURE.
    I can integrate it in my VB6 projects using IC Imaging Control 3.2 ActiveX.

    For a new project I have a DFK AFU420-CCS but I have a problem.
    It is properly recognized and handled by IC CAPTURE (2.4.642.2631)
    It is NOT recognized by IC Imaging Control 3.2 ActiveX so I can't use it in my VB6 project.
    I tested the camera with IC Imaging Control 3.4 Sample Demo Application.
    The camera is recognized and works properly till the resolution RGB32 (5424x5360)
    When I select the maximum resolution RGB32 (7716x5360) and start the Play button, I receive this exception:
    An unexpected DShowLibException occured: Error = Failed to start the graph. Due to: Error not specified.
    In file: "FilterGraph.cpp" at line: 263

    How can I use the camera in VB6 with IC Imaging Control 3.2 ActiveX ?
    If I have to use IC Imaging Control 3.4 how can I fix the exception ?


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    Re: Use DFK AFU420-CCS in VB6

    Hi Roberto

    You get out of memory errors, therefore you need a 64bit Windows and 64bit
    program to handle the highest resolutuion of the AFU420. VB6 is not suitable to handle this.
    Best regards
    IC Imaging Control Support

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