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Thread: Intergrating with FPGA

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    Intergrating with FPGA


    Is it possible to connect FPGA between cameras (DMK 33GP2000e) and PC. I want to do all image processing on the boards, because I use 4 and more cameras for real-time program. Could you please suggest any idea?

    Or just use arm boards with linux. Because I saw, that you have some partial support for linux (

    Thank you in advance.
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    Re: Intergrating with FPGA

    The camera follows the GigE Vision protocol. If you implement that on your FPGA and also have a GigE network interface, you can do that.
    You could also use a Linux board with GigE network controller. However. you may check, how long your image processing lasts for one camera and then you can estimate, how this scales with four or more cameras. Current x86 based CPUs, e.g. Core i5 or i7 are very powerful and use many CPU cores.
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