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Thread: Camera sensor size in milimeter

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    Camera sensor size in milimeter


    I use camera DMK 33GX249 and I need to know the exact size of the sensor. According to the datasheet the sensor of this camera is "1/1.2 CMOS Pregius, Sony IMX249LL", but I can't find anything about the size of the sensor in your website or google. Some sources say 1/1.2 sensors has 10.67 mm width but when I multiply the size of each pixels(5.86 um, based on the datasheet) to the number of pixels (1920 pixels in width), it doesn't match with 10.67 mm. So How can I find the millimeter size of the sensor??

    thanks in advanced.

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    Re: Camera sensor size in milimeter


    I am very sorry, but more information than the information available in the internet does not exist. That also means, we did not measure the active sensor plain.
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