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Thread: Skyris 132m Imaging Issue

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    Skyris 132m Imaging Issue

    Hello Everyone! New to the forum and looking forward to getting some advice on an issue I am having. I have a nexstar 6SE I have been viewing from for years now and decided to get into astrophotography. So I got a Skyris 132m camera to start off with. The issue I am having is that everything in it is blurry! I cannot seem to get a clear picture to save my life. The moon is just a large white blob on the screen. Do I need a focal reducer? Other adjustments I am missing? I am pretty new when it comes to astrophotography so I apologize for that ahead of time.

    My Set up:
    .Nexstar 6SE
    .Skyris 132m
    .Firecapture 2.6

    Thing I have tried:
    .Adjusting the focus
    .Adjusting exposure/gain
    .Adjusting FPS

    Thank you ahead of time for any info on the matter.

    John V

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    Re: Skyris 132m Imaging Issue

    Hi John

    I suggest to ask Celestron about the telescope and camera.
    Best regards
    IC Imaging Control Support

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