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Thread: DMK 33UX265 on Windows7 x64

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    DMK 33UX265 on Windows7 x64

    I have got DMK 33UX265, Windows7 64bit, Device Driver for USB Cameras (33U Series only), ICC 2.4.633.
    All had worked correctly for half a year, but two weeks ago ICC showed the Error: "the device DMK 33UX265(52610014)'is in live mode, but does not seem to deliver image. Please try to chose a different video format or try reconnecting your device to your computer." I think, it caused by windows update, so camera driver was broken.
    I installed new driver from your download page and error disappeared, but now I have new problem - ICC or computer always freezes after some manipulation changing fps or resolution. I tried: Device Driver 4.0.6 and 4.0.4, ICC 2.4.642, another Windows7 computer... No result! But on a Windows10 computer ICC works correctly.
    Is not Windows7 supported now?

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    Re: DMK 33UX265 on Windows7 x64


    First of all I am sorry I did not saw your post.

    The driver is Windows 7 64 bit compatible and in our tests all functions work as expected, there are no limitations.

    Which computer model and brand do you use?
    If the Microsoft driver is installed for your USB 3.0 controller, I recommend to install the USB 3.0 controller driver of the chipset manufacturer, e.g. Intel, Renesas etc.
    Best regards
    IC Imaging Control Support

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    Re: DMK 33UX265 on Windows7 x64

    Eventually customer computer OS was changed to Windows10. Camera is ok now.

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