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Thread: Ring Buffer, Dropped frames

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    Ring Buffer, Dropped frames


    I am using a DFK22AUC03 with the C++ SDK on Windows 10. There are still a few things that I don't understand using the SDK.

    I have played around with the "Callback" example, which I understand as it is. But suppose that you tweak it and set:

    - the ring buffer has room for 1 image
    - we are in snap mode
    - the camera runs at 30 images per seconds
    - the listener (frameReady) needs 1 second to process
    - you ask for 60 images using pSink->snapImages(60);

    My understanding is that once the first image is ready, we call the frameReady function. My guess is that while this function is running, the buffer containing this image is locked. As a consequence, there is no way to save the images coming from the camera, and as a consequence, images should be dropped.
    But, calling grabber.getCountOfFramesDropped() gives me 0 even though grabber.isCountOfFramesDroppedAvailable() is true. Even more strange grabber.getCountOfFramesNotDropped() also returns 0.

    Could you please clarify on what's going on? When do we drop frames?

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    Re: Ring Buffer, Dropped frames


    If grabber.getCountOfFramesDropped() is supported by the device, it lets you know, the number of frames dropped by the driver. Not by the SDK.
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