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Thread: Application with 2 cameras

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    Application with 2 cameras

    I started to study abou an application which have to manage 2 cameras and get video simoultanely from both.
    I suppose i have to create 2 diffrent ICImagingControl to get and display video in to the same window.
    The problem is that I have only one Camera at the moment and I was trying to use it in the same way, waiting to bought the other one.
    I start the live video from ICImagingControl1 but when I try to open the same camera from ICImagingControl2 I get DShowLibException occured: Error = Failed to start the graph. Due to : Access denied
    Can I get two video from the same camera simoultanely?
    Can I get two video from diffrent cameras in this way?


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    Re: Application with 2 cameras

    Hello Frederico

    the live stream of a camera can be started only once. Not a second time, thus you get this error message.

    But your approach is correct.
    Best regards
    IC Imaging Control Support

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