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Thread: DFK AFU130-L53 video formats

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    DFK AFU130-L53 video formats

    We are using a DFK AFU130-L53 in one of our products, and recently have received a few reports from customers having issues picking up all video formats. We have seen the issue here to, although rarely, on both Windows 7 and Windows 10.

    On USB 2.0 we get the option of the following formats:
    YUY2 (640x480)
    YUY2 (800x480)

    On USB 3.0 we get the option of the following formats:
    YUY2 (640x480)
    YUY2 (800x480)
    YUY2 (1280x720)
    YUY2 (1280x960)
    YUY2 (1600x1200)
    YUY2 (1920x1080)
    YUY2 (2592x1944)
    YUY2 (3264x2448)
    YUY2 (4128x3096)

    However, occasionally on USB 3.0 we only get the option of following formats:
    YUY2 (640x480)
    YUY2 (800x480)

    How does the device/SDK determine which video formats are available for the connected device? Are there any windows settings that you know of that could cause the device/SDK to only provide the USB 2.0 resolutions when on a USB 3.0 port?

    Any help is much appreciated.



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    Re: DFK AFU130-L53 video formats


    You get the only two USB 2.0 formats only, if there is a hardware issue between the USB controller and the camera. The camera detects the USB controller as 2.0 version.
    This can not be solved by the SDK.
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    IC Imaging Control Support

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