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Thread: DFG/USB2Pro and OpenCV imaging

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    DFG/USB2Pro and OpenCV imaging

    Hi guys,

    I have found many references to OpenCV in these forums, but very few full examples or content that I can actually use to help. I am trying to access the triggered output stream of a USB2Pro device directly via OpenCV, but without any luck (first read gets data, every subsequent read gets nothing).

    To make matters worse, this needs to work in Python (Python wrappers over the C++ OpenCV binaries), as the rest of the experimental control structure is also in Python.

    Would anyone have any examples or good references that be of assistance?


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    Re: DFG/USB2Pro and OpenCV imaging


    I am very sorry, but I do not have an OpenCV video sample. My only samples are C++ samples, in which I use IC Imaging Control for image capture and forward the images to OpenCV IPLImage.

    The DFG/USB2pro driver is full WDM DirectShow compatible. If OpenCV also supports DirectShow, it should be able to handle this. Please ask for this in the OpenCV support forums.
    Best regards
    IC Imaging Control Support

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