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Thread: can't link dll file

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    can't link dll file


    I create a new project to control camera.

    I already set other include ../common;../include;../DLL

    and put .h .dll in the directory
    and put in application's directory.

    and in the code. I just write

    #include <tisudshl.h>

    but when I debug the program

    show the message fatal error LNK1104: TIS_UDSHL09_vc10d.lib'

    How can I do ????

    System : windows 7
    Edit : vs2010
    camera : DFK 72AUC02
    Driver : Imagecontrol

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    Re: can't link dll file


    The "TIS_UDSHL09_vc10d.lib'" is a library used by the linker. Therefore, you must add the path to the library files to the "Additional Library files" section in your linker.

    If you use Visual Studio and IC Imaging Control, you can use following path:
    Best regards
    IC Imaging Control Support

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