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Thread: contrast and brightness values

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    contrast and brightness values

    I work with DFG/USB2-let, however, the values of contrast and the brightness are not set through XML file. The value set by IC Capture or SimpleProperty, replaces the required value. How do I Set the required values of contrast and brightness.

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    Re: contrast and brightness values

    Hi Alexander,

    I must admit, I do not understand your issue.

    You use in your program "loadDeviceStateFromFile" in order to restore properties saved by a call to "saveDeviceStateToFile" previously, right? (The XML file is not created automatically.) And you save the properties each time, you changed them or when your program ends, right? And then, at program start, "loadDeviceStatefromFile" does not set brightness and contrast as saved in the XML file?
    Best regards
    IC Imaging Control Support

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