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Thread: Help on Basic Solar imaging

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    Cool Help on Basic Solar imaging

    Hi group!

    I have three DBK 41AF02.AS "cubes" as I like to call them, and I have been trying to image the sun for a while now and do not seem to be getting anywhere. I think I am missing a major step because I have seen the gorgeous images taken with these cameras and similar setups.

    Here are the details of my setup and settings and would LOVE anyone to comment on where I can improve.

    Scope: Tele[vue Pronto 70mm w/ Coronado SolarMax 60mm Ha
    Camera: DBK 41AF02.AS

    Images are normally taken with a WIN 7 64 bit and IC CaptureAS

    Settings in IC are BY8 Color Format
    Gain: As low as possible
    Brightness: Middle of slider
    Gamma: Mid-way
    and exposure as needed.

    we can normally focus the image (at least close I think) because at the correct setting of exposure we can get prominence features. Surface detail however is elusive.

    I have attached an Image taken yesterday in good seeing with Astro IIDC and gives a good representation of our view. (I know the JPG reduces the quality a bit, but this is about what we see)

    Now here is what we would really like to do, I know that will will not get stellar images without stacking, but our goal is to be able to webcast our images live (one every 5-30 seconds) So, what settings are other users using to get the best possible live image from their cameras?

    Any idea, help suggestions or comments are most certainly welcome!



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    Re: Help on Basic Solar imaging


    You may have a look at
    I think this is a good starting point. There are many more guides on this website.
    Best regards
    IC Imaging Control Support

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    Re: Help on Basic Solar imaging

    Awesome! Thank you!

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