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Thread: Help me with the external trigger

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    Help me with the external trigger

    Hi, my name is Abel Dueñas
    I have a camera (DFK 31BF03.H.) and I'm using Matlab 2010 and TISimaq (camera adapter). I want to use the external trigger to then process the captured image. My problem is I can´t see the image before the trigger only after. What I seek is to see the image to decide if I should take the picture. Can you send a example of the code to make it?

    I am trying with this code, but I only can see the object that I want to shoot after push my external trigger. I wanna see the preview:

    clear all
    close all

    imaqreset %reset imaq
    imaqhwinfo %check available adapters
    vid = videoinput('tisimaq', 1); %set the first available camera to use tisimaq adapter
    src = getselectedsource(vid);
    set(src, 'Trigger', 'Enable') %directly manipulate src_obj to enable trigger
    set(src, 'TriggerPolarity', 'High') %Set polarity for the rising edge.
    vid.ReturnedColorspace = 'rgb';


    Best Regard,
    Abel Dueñas

    PD: Sorry for my english, Mi natural language is spanish

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    Re: Help me with the external trigger

    Already answered in the other post.

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    Best regards
    IC Imaging Control Support

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