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How to get latest software

The latest IC Imaging Control, IC Capture and drivers can be downloaded from

IC Imaging Control does not show my web cam

The IC Imaging Control you got with your The Imaging Source camera is a standard version for free. That means, it can only detect The Imaging Source manufactured devices.

How to get a free update of IC Imaging Control SDK

Please create a support request at

Demoapp shows my webcam, but my own compiled program does not

The Demoapp was built with IC Imaging Control professional. You seem to built your application with the free IC Imaging Control standard license, therefore only The Imaging Source devices will be handled.

However, we decided to provide the IC Imaging Control professional license no longer. We encountered too much problem in third party device drivers, we are no able to handle any more.

Simple function for Absolute Values Exposure in C++ / Set exposure time as float or double values in seconds unit

If available the absolute values exposure interface allows to set an exposure time in real seconds.
// Set exposure using the range interface. For the AF/BF  cameras
// the exposure range is 0.00001 to 30.0. 
// In order to set 1/2000 seconds, call:
//     SetExposureAbsolute( pGrabber, 0.002);
bool SetExposureAbsolute( DShowLib::Grabber *pGrabber, double dExposure )
	bool bOK = false;
	DShowLib::tIVCDAbsoluteValuePropertyPtr pExposureRange;
	DShowLib::tIVCDSwitchPropertyPtr pExposureAuto;

	pExposureRange = NULL;
	pExposureAuto = NULL;
	tIVCDPropertyItemsPtr pItems = pGrabber->getAvailableVCDProperties();
	if( pItems != 0 )
		// Try to find the exposure item. 
		tIVCDPropertyItemPtr pExposureItem = pItems->findItem( VCDID_Exposure );
		if( pExposureItem != 0 )
			// Try to find the value and auto elements 
			tIVCDPropertyElementPtr pExposureValueElement = pExposureItem->findElement( VCDElement_Value );
			tIVCDPropertyElementPtr pExposureAutoElement = pExposureItem->findElement( VCDElement_Auto );

			// If an auto element exists, try to acquire a switch interface 
			if( pExposureAutoElement != 0 )
				pExposureAutoElement->getInterfacePtr( pExposureAuto );
				pExposureAuto->setSwitch(false); // Disable auto, otherwise we can not set exposure.

			// If a value element exists, try to acquire a range interface 
			if( pExposureValueElement != 0 )
				pExposureValueElement->getInterfacePtr( pExposureRange );
                                double min = pExposureRange->getRangeMin();
				double max = pExposureRange->getRangeMax();

                                if ( dExposure < min )
					dExposure = min;
				else if( dExposure > max )
					dExposure = max;
                                // Here we set the the exposure value.
				pExposureRange->setValue( dExposure); 
				bOK = true;
	return bOK;

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