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February 6, 2002, 20:59:26
I downloaded the trial version (1.1) but I am not able to make it work.

I tried on 2 different PCs
First: (W2000+ DX 8.1 + ATI Radeon all in wonder capture card)
Second: (WXP professional + DX 8.1 + ASUS 8200 deluxe card).

When I start the sample application and select Preview+start I always get the same error message (on both PC) "An unexpected DshowLibException occurred: CFilterGraph:startGraph().... in file D:\Daten|Prog\DShow\DShowLibFilterGraph.Cpp at line 234" .

I really do not undertand, am I doing some mistake ?


This message was originally posted by Michele in the old IC Imaging Control Support Forum.

February 14, 2002, 18:40:47
Hello Michele,

We tested an ATI grabber with Rage 128 chip set. There was no way to get it it to work. We think this is caused by the driver, which is propably the reasons for the problems you are facing.
I cannot sy anything about the problem with the ASUS card because I do not know it.

There is a rather easy way to check the quality of a driver: Just build a graph containing the driver as the source in the graph editor an try to run this graph. If you see error messages or if you do not see a live image in the preview window, there is problem with the driver.

Best regards
IC Support

This message was originally posted by IC Support in the old IC Imaging Control Support Forum.