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January 24, 2002, 20:29:49
I was looking forward to seeing V1.1 working under XP Pro - but no chance. When I switch on the Sony PC100E Camcorder, Windows acknowledges it and Settings shows "Microsoft DV camera and VCR - but then either comes up with "One function parameter invalid" or "Automation error. The object selected has disconnected from its clients".
No "Video format" options are given in the pull down menu.

This message was originally posted by Mike Alport in the old IC Imaging Control Support Forum.

February 5, 2002, 19:44:39
We investigated the problem and found out the following:

The error only happens:

1. if a DV device is selected
2. the operating system is Windows XP

The problem is caused by the DV driver that ships with Windows XP. It does not occur on Windows 2000, nor with other devices.

In contrast to Win2K, the XP DV driver does not support different video standards (like PAL or NTSC). Therefore, IC Imaging Control queries the device for a list of video formats that are not video standard dependant. This leads to an empty list of available video standards, which is considered an invalid state.

We will provide a workaround for this behavior in the next service pack.

In addition, the next service pack will enable you to control the drive of a DV device (PLAY, STOP, REWIND etc). DV codec parameter settings will be supported, too.

Best regards
IC Support

This message was originally posted by IC Support in the old IC Imaging Control Support Forum.