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September 20, 2002, 22:13:15

I use a Logitech QuickCam USB (Driver version 7 recently updated).

Everything works fine, exept save to AVI, even in the demo application. The error message is:

An unexpected DShowLibException occured: CFilterGraph::addFilter(CFilter& op2, WMVideo8 Encoder DMO ) : failed to add the filter to the graph
COM Error Message: Un error de certificación originó errores en la operación.
In file: C:\CSource\core\DShoeLib\FilterGraph.cpp at line : 196

This happens with the following codecs: WMVideo Encoder DMO and WMVideo8 Encoder DMO, other Microsoft codecs produce other errors. I want to use this codecs, because "I think" they produce the best quality with small file size and low CPU utilization (is this true? do recommend other codec instead?)

I tried this on two machines:

1.- W2K Server SP3 Spanish, P III 750 MHz dual processor, 512 MB RAM (This machine has Windows Media Encoder 7 installed and it works fine).

2.- WinXP Pro (no SP1) Spanish, P 4 1.8 GHz, 512 MB RAM (This machine does not have Windows Media Encoder installed. It's a clean install, it only has VStudio 6.0 SP5 Spanish, IC Imaging and, of course, all of the winXP patches)

The file wich raises the error (C:\CSource\core\DShoeLib\FilterGraph.cpp) does not exist in any of these machines. Because one is installed in drive E: and the other is in drive I:. "??????" (Verified with Windows Explorer, may be is a temp file).

I think the problem is the MS Codec, does this save to AVI files? I think it doesn't.

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This message was originally posted by Luis in the old IC Imaging Control Support Forum.

September 24, 2002, 14:05:03

Please send the above error description to support@imagingcontrol.com
In addiditon we need to know which version and SP of IC are you using.

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IC Support

This message was originally posted by IC Support in the old IC Imaging Control Support Forum.