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September 8, 2002, 15:55:04

I am currently using the trial version of the IC Imaging Control and was unable to add the control to the toolbox of VB6.

Everytime I select it and click on the OK button the message "This file format is no longer supported" appears. Reinstalling did not help. This message is really strange, because it usually appears if the user tries to use old files created with a VB version prior VB3. In my opinion, this message usually seems to have nothing to do with controls. Any solution?

Simon Brenner

This message was originally posted by Simon Brenner in the old IC Imaging Control Support Forum.

September 9, 2002, 09:39:05
Hello Simon,

Please rename the file "ICImagingControl.oca" to "ICImagingControl.oc". The file is located in the "bin" directory of your IC Imaging Control installation.
It is created automatically by Visual Basic.
After renaming this file, start your application again.

Best regards
IC Support

This message was originally posted by Stefan in the old IC Imaging Control Support Forum.

April 13, 2004, 17:05:25
Your response was on the money. I did not like the idea of a clean install so I tried your approach and it worked.

Thank you for your reply...and Google.....