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July 30, 2002, 09:27:39
Hi all,

We've just recently tried to upgrade an application that uses the IC Imaging Control 1.3 from VC++6 to VC .NET and and found code that ran perfectly well now GPFs. It would seem that there is some incompatibility with memory management under .NET as the program GPFs in the destructor of the Grabber::tVidCapDevListPtr pVidCapDevList smart pointer returned from Grabber.getAvailableVideoCaptureDevices().

Given this, I understand that the standard answer is going to be to wait until the IC Imaging Control is upgraded to support .NET, but if anyone has any suggestions for or experience with any work-arounds, I would greatly appreciate it.

thanks in advance,
Graeme Spears

This message was originally posted by Graeme Spears in the old IC Imaging Control Support Forum.

July 31, 2002, 10:46:02

IC Imaging Control does not work with VC .NET, because the heap differs to VC++ 6.0. A work around using the classlib is not known yet.
You could use the ActiveX Control in VC. NET. This will work without problems.

Best regards
IC Support

This message was originally posted by IC Support in the old IC Imaging Control Support Forum.