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May 21, 2002, 19:31:03

I am working on a project in Delphi 5 and I need to display the video which is being captured by the MiniDV camcorder on my application form.
The MiniDV camcorder is connected to the firewire (IEEE1394) port. How can I access the IEEE 1394 port with Delphi and display the video in the application??

I would really appreciate any help in this matter.

Thank you very much.

Rahul Kulkarni
Texas A & M - CC

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May 24, 2002, 14:12:01
With IC Imaging Control it is possible to display the live image generated by a DV device. In addition, IC imaging Control is able
to control the drive of a DV camcorder ( i.e. Play, Stop, Rewind etc.).
Although there is no documentation for Delphi, we have a few customers who are using IC Imaging Control in Delphi successfully. The easiest way to find out whether IC Imaging Control is suitable for your application is to download the Trial version and check it out in Delphi.
The Trial version can be found here:


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IC Support

This message was originally posted by IC Support in the old IC Imaging Control Support Forum.