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October 25, 2001, 17:29:12
Dear IC Imaging Control users

May I take this opportunity to welcome you to the IC Imaging Control support forum.

The support forum is the central support channel. There are members of our support team who are dedicated to responding to all comments and questions within a reasonable amount of time.

However, where the forum really scores is that other programmers also contribute and offer mutual support.

Please feel free to post any comments, ideas or questions about IC Imaging Control.

IC WebMaster

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October 5, 2004, 12:38:19
Hi ,

I am using Matrox Rt.X 100 as a Video Capture Card , I have Downloaded IC Imaging Control trial version. But i didn't get the above drive in driver selection combobox.

Please check for its compatibility with matrox card and suggest me your valuable guidelines.

Stefan Geissler
October 5, 2004, 13:21:33
Hello Sanjay,

does the Matrox card comes with a WDM driver? If not, IC Imaging Control will not be able to find it.