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July 12, 2017, 15:33:39

we are using the camera DMK 33GP1300 (with DHCP) on Windows 10. An issue occurs with the partial scan offsets in the following case:

1. Plug of the camera from the PoE socket of the switch
2. Wait few minutes
3. Start IC Capture -> No devices found
4. Plug in the camera -> after few seconds, the camera got found in IC Capture
5. Do nothing, just close IC Capture
After that, the partial scan x and y offsets get ignored from the camera.xml.

In our application we use these lines of code, to open the camera:

grabber.reset(new DShowLib::Grabber());

if (!grabber->loadDeviceStateFromFile("config/camera.xml")) {
if (grabber->isDevValid()) {

After step 5, the device page is not shown, so the camera.xml must loaded successfully.

The offsets get ignored. Here an excerpt of the camera.xml:

<item guid="{2CED6FD6-AB4D-4C74-904C-D682E53B9CC5}" name="Partial scan">
<element guid="{87FB6C02-98A8-46B0-B18D-6442D9775CD3}" name="Y Offset">
<itf guid="{99B44940-BFE1-4083-ADA1-BE703F4B8E03}" value="76" />
<element guid="{5E59F654-7B47-4458-B4C6-5D4F0D175FC1}" name="X Offset">
<itf guid="{99B44940-BFE1-4083-ADA1-BE703F4B8E03}" value="240" />
<element guid="{36EAA683-3321-44BE-9D73-E1FD4C3FDB87}" name="Auto-center">
<itf guid="{99B44940-BFE1-4083-ADA1-BE703F4B8E04}" value="0" />

But it looks like, that the camera uses x-offset=0, y-offset=0.

We've found a work around by open the properties dialog and click on update. After that, the offsets are loaded correctly.

On an other PC with the same camera (same model, not identical camera) we can't reproduce this behavior.

Should we try another method to open the camera with the right settings? Does is make sense to use IVCDPropertyItems.load (https://www.theimagingsource.com/support/documentation/ic-imaging-control-cpp/meth_descIVCDPropertyItems_load.htm) instead of calling Grabber.loadFromFile (https://www.theimagingsource.com/support/documentation/ic-imaging-control-cpp/meth_descGrabber_loadDeviceStateFromFile.htm)?

For the .NET SDK there is a VCDPropertyItems.Update (https://www.theimagingsource.com/support/documentation/ic-imaging-control-net/meth_descVCDPropertyItems_Update.htm) method. Is there is also an update method in the C++ SDK?

Thanks :)

Stefan Geissler
July 28, 2017, 10:05:17

First of all, the properties are all updated, if you read them, therefore, there is no "update" method.

Please compare the firmware versions of the cameras and let me know, whether there are differences between them. You may also let me know the serial numbers of the cameras.