View Full Version : How to change defult settings

April 5, 2017, 12:16:41
Hi Everyone,

I have DMK 33GX236 and would like to know how I can change the default settings.
When used with IC Capture the previous settings (ROI, Gain and Exposure time) are loaded and the camera functions correctly in our third party app.
but when we try the third party app after a shutdown it doesn't function correctly, the camera resets to its default settings after a shutdown. Our App requires a long exposure time and the default for the camera is Auto.

any information on how we can adjust the default settings, registry or *.ini file will be helpful.

Stefan Geissler
April 5, 2017, 14:42:37
IC Capture and IC Imaging Control do not save anything in the camera.

Usually an application is responsible to setup the camera for its needs, especially for avoiding access violations.

I wonder, why your app needs long exposure times, but is not able to set them. I would guess, if an application knows about exposure and wants to set an exposure time, it also should take care of a possibly automatic running.

However: You may install IC Imaging Control SDK. It comes with the precompiled "Sample Demo Application". You can open the camera with it, without starting the live video stream. In parallel you open the same camera in your application. The trick is, you can set the camera properties, such as exposure,gain and so on with the Sample Demo App, while your other program shows the live video stream. Thus you can disable the automatics.

That is not as nice, but maybe a workflow for you.