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March 29, 2017, 09:34:23

This is my second post on this forum.

Please guide me if this post is in connected to this forum.
I am connecting two cameras to the DFG/SV1/PCIe card. When using the QCameraInfo class from Qt for C++. I can only access one camera that too with a particular port.

This raises a doubt if it is an issue raising from the hardware side(Maybe the port is locked)? If so how can i get it done?

Little Code snippet of what i did,

int count = QCameraInfo::availableDevices().count();
qDebug() << "No. Of Devices : " << QString::number(count);// Output is "1"

Despites 2 camera connected to frame grabber only 1 is available during the detection.

Looking forward for any information :)


Stefan Geissler
March 29, 2017, 11:38:28

I must admit, I do not know what you speak about.

However, the DFG/SV1 has one digitizier on board and therefore can digitize only one video stream. The input channels are mutliplexed. So you could switch from one channel to they next, but you can not get a live stream from two channels simultaneously .

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