View Full Version : Error DFK AFU130-L53 (23610358) is in live mode but doesn't seem to deliver images

September 29, 2016, 12:12:33
Dear All,

I am getting this error when I connect my DFK AFU130-L53 camera to IC Capture 2.4.
It says: 'DFK AFU130-L53 (23610358)' is in live mode but doesn't seem to deliver images.

1. I am using the latest driver software version 2.8.9, Released January 15, 2016
2. I have connected the camera on USB 3.0 port.
3. Camera is not working with any other SDK or LabVIEW extension as well. Only a few functions can be performed.
4. In IC Capture, only two resolution options are shown: YUY2 640x480 and YUY2 800x480
5. Sometimes random images are captured but no live (moving) mode observed.

Are there any other special requirements to use this camera?
Kindly help me resolve this issue, really stuck for last 3-4 days. No clue where the issue is.

Thanks in advance.


Stefan Geissler
October 5, 2016, 16:15:49

if only the YUY2 640x480 and YUY2 800x480 video formats are shown, the camera is definitely connected to an USB 2.0 port. The camera will work on an USB 3.0 port only. You may check this by looking into Windows Device Manager, select "Show devices by Connection" and search for the camera.

In rare cases, the used USB 3.0 cable is faulty. So you may try another cable too.