View Full Version : Video formats available on Panasonic Toughpad

September 21, 2016, 14:03:20

We use the Panasonic toughpad tablets with the DFK72AUC02-F.

One of our customers has upgraded from Win7 to Win10 and has started having problems with the available video formats. We use RGB24 (1296x972)[Binning 2x] and RGB24 (2560x1920) but an exception is thrown when we try to set the camera to these modes. It worked under Win7!

I have tried IC Capture and the same behaviour is seen. I cannot set 24bit modes with 2x binning, the drop down list goes blank and the camera appears to fall back to 32bit modes.

I have a Win10 Dell laptop and this works fine in 24bit modes.

Can you explain what is happening?


September 28, 2016, 11:22:27
OK, not overwhelmed by the response to my question!!

I am now experiencing the same problem at another customer installing my software on a Win10 Pro Laptop.

RGB24 (1296x972)[Binning 2x] mode on the DFK72AUC02-F camera is not available and an exception is thrown when I try to set it.

It works fine on a Win10 laptop on my desk but it seems to vary from PC to PC.

Help appreciated!


Stefan Geissler
October 5, 2016, 17:02:52

Microsoft solved the problem on 29th September with the KB3194496 update.