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September 19, 2016, 11:24:30
I need to connect to camera with gstreamer, when I trying to type: "./gst-aravis-launch aravissrc camera-name="The Imaging Source Europe GmbH-15610119" ! video/x-bayer,width=1920,height=1200,framerate=30/1 ! ximagesink"

Console print many of errors:
(gst-launch-0.10:4005): Aravis-CRITICAL **: arv_camera_get_gain: assertion 'ARV_IS_CAMERA (camera)' failed
(gst-launch-0.10:4005): Aravis-CRITICAL **: arv_camera_is_gain_available: assertion 'ARV_IS_CAMERA (camera)' failed
(gst-launch-0.10:4005): Aravis-CRITICAL **: arv_camera_get_exposure_time: assertion 'ARV_IS_CAMERA (camera)' failed
(gst-launch-0.10:4005): Aravis-CRITICAL **: arv_camera_get_exposure_time_auto: assertion 'ARV_IS_CAMERA (camera)' failed
(gst-launch-0.10:4005): Aravis-CRITICAL **: arv_camera_get_region: assertion 'ARV_IS_CAMERA (camera)' failed
(gst-launch-0.10:4005): Aravis-CRITICAL **: arv_camera_get_binning: assertion 'ARV_IS_CAMERA (camera)' failed

I'll be very grateful for working example in C++ or gstreamer script for streaming data from camera.

Stefan Geissler
October 7, 2016, 11:46:47

Sorry for the delay, I was on holidays.

However, please use "'" instead of """ for the camera-name.

The message " assertion 'ARV_IS_CAMERA (camera)' failed" says, the camera was not opened or found.