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December 7, 2015, 10:42:14
I am receiving randomly (but not very often) the disturb on the attached screenshot on the live stream of a DFx 61AUC02 camera.
Sometimes, in addition, the live stream is not starting at all.
The tool "Processor Idle State Manager" is installed.
Have you any idea of what can be the issue and some suggestions on what we can do to troubleshoot better this issue?

Stefan Geissler
December 7, 2015, 12:34:13
I am very sorry, but there is too less information for a diagnosis.

In order to narrow down your problem, I need some more information:
- Camera model :
- Serial number :
- Version of camera drivers (use Device Manager):

In case you use an USB 3.0 camera:
Use Windows Device Manager to query following:
- USB 3.0 Chipset (Intel, Renesas ....) :
- USB 3.0 controller driver manufacturer / version :

- Operating system :
- Computer model :
- Computer manufacturer :

- Used software (e.g. IC Capture 2.0) :

In case you have a programming problem:
- Used programming language:

- Error message : Incomplete image data transfer

Thank you in advance!

December 7, 2015, 14:54:09
- Camera model : DFK 61AUC02
- Serial number : 33010287
- Version of camera drivers (use Device Manager):

- Operating system : Window 7
- Computer model : U36S
- Computer manufacturer : Asus 1827
The same issue is happening also on another PC with Windows 2008 Server R2

- Used software (e.g. IC Capture 2.0) : ICCapture 2.4. The issue is happening also in a test software made using your C Library

- Error message :
Sometimes on ICCapture the message "The device'DFx61AUC02 (33010287)' is live, but does not seem to deliver images. Please try to choose a different video format or try reconnecting your device to your computer' is shown1828
Sometimes images as the one attached are provided 1829

Stefan Geissler
December 7, 2015, 15:38:44

the damaged frames and frame drops are caused by incomplete image data transfer. It is absolutely not a camera problem. Maybe it can be a cable or if used, a hub problem.

It is extremely hard to narrow down the reason, if the Processor Idle State Manager does not work. What happens, if you use lower frame rates?

Also, what happens, if your note book is powered by power supply and not running on battery?