View Full Version : Communication error/lost connection with 22BUC03-ANG (Stalled PID)

November 30, 2015, 15:03:58
Hi, I am loosing the connection to the camera when connecting to it without using an USB Hub, if I run the traffic through USBLyzer (http://www.usblyzer.com/) I see that I'm getting an "Stalled PID" error when doing Bulk or Interrupted Transfers, and loosing my connection with the camera.

If i connecting the camera through an USB HUB everything works fine.

Any Ideas what could be wrong or why the behaviour is so different with and without an USB hub in between?


Stefan Geissler
November 30, 2015, 16:53:13

I wonder, why you need the USBLyzer. The camera does nothing secret. So I suggest to not use this device or ask the manufacturer of the USBLyer, what happens and the message means.

If the camera works fine without this device on your computer, I see no problem.