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November 18, 2015, 08:53:17
Some times ago that module of my application stopped working where ICControl is used to capture frames. After several error hunting steps I ended up to test the ICControl with your sample code 'Resize Live Video to a Window'. When the sample is run as it, it works just fine. However, if I use the license key, the application does not start and some process remains in the memory.

private void InitializeComponent()
//this.icImagingControl1 = new TIS.Imaging.ICImagingControl();
this.icImagingControl1 = new TIS.Imaging.ICImagingControl("IP-XXXXXXXXXX");

I use Windows 10 and Visual Studio Community 2015 (and Visual Studio 2013 Express)

Br, EHi

Stefan Geissler
November 18, 2015, 10:39:11

I would point to a third party camera, that is detected and does not answer as expected.

November 18, 2015, 13:21:20
Hi Stefan,

Thank you for your answer. You are partly right. When I disable the integrated cam, the test application works and gives an empty selection list or a list of connected IC cameras. Application freezes if a third party camera (integrated or external USB webcam) is connected. All other video capture sotware I have can use these cameras. Windows also tells that the drivers are up to date. So I wonder what is the license for, if all 'foreign' cameras must be removed/disabled to get the system work. Could it be that ICImagingControl is not fully Windows 10 compatible?

br, EHi

November 19, 2015, 18:11:19
Maybe I should be more patient. Today Windows 10 made a very big update to version 1511 and now all seems to work without any problems. Awaiting for next update...

br, EHi

Stefan Geissler
November 20, 2015, 09:57:13
IC Imaging Control is 100% Windows 10 compatible. At least on my Windows 10 systems.

Badly programmed camera drivers are the reason, why we ended support of third party cameras many years ago.

January 20, 2016, 18:31:27
It happened again. After Windows' cumulative update IC Imaging Control freezes if a third party camera is present. Now I have to use my hybrid the in-build camera disabled and wait for next Windows update.

The cause may be a badly programmed camera driver (in this case one of Microsoft) but in my mind IC control should be able to handle this kind of error situations.

br, EHi

Stefan Geissler
January 21, 2016, 08:26:49

I am very sorry for this problem, but now you know, why we stopped the handling of third party cameras.

If the camera does not answer correctly to requests sent by the driver, then the system will hang. E.g. the camera states it has frame rates. Then IC will ask the camera for the frame rates through the driver. If the driver sends the request now and the camera does not answer, then the process hangs. This is a sample, but many years ago we had this problem with a third party camera.

May I ask, which computer model and camera you use?

January 21, 2016, 12:31:11

Thank you for your answer. Good information relieves the pain ;)

My computer is Dell XPS12 (9Q33). It has an integrated HD camera, I don't know the details. The camera uses Microsoft USB Video Device driver, version 10.0.10586.0 (21.6.06), 32 bit. Seems that the driver is not changed during Windows update but something other negative happens. Last time the next update corrected the problem.

I made two small videocapture test samples using AForge.NET (DirectShow) and Python/OpenCV libraries. Here all my cameras work without any problems. Could you please enlighten me what is the basic difference between IC Imaging Control and these interfaces. Do they handle the drivers differently?

br, EHi

Stefan Geissler
January 21, 2016, 13:52:40
I am very sorry, but I do not have your hardware
Also we make no support for third party cameras any more
You may uninstall the DELL USB Webcam software? I do not know.