View Full Version : Driver not working with DMK, DBK and DFK in Windows XP

July 28, 2015, 13:08:43

I'm having issues with following cameras while installing updated driver The drivers are installed but when opened in IC Capture it hangs. But if I install Generic WIndows Driver it works fine in wndows.

1. DMK 21F04
2. DMK 21BF04
3. DBK 21F04
4. DBK 21AF04

Also there was similar problem with DFK 21F04 but for it I found an old driver from the topic ( http://www.theimagingsourceforums.com/showthread.php?324466-Problem-installing-Driver-and-connecting-Camera-DFK-41F02) post #10. Installing the older driver version solves the problem for DFK 21F04.

Computer Information
Card: VIA PCI Express Card 1394A
Windows XP with SP3

Stefan Geissler
July 28, 2015, 14:26:15
If the older driver works for, please use it.

July 28, 2015, 20:26:31
Yes but the driver on that post is of only DFK 21F04. If you can provide older driver for DBK and DMK.

July 28, 2015, 21:09:01
The old driver found in that post is only applicable to DFK. Its not installing drivers for DMK and DBK.

Stefan Geissler
July 29, 2015, 14:30:44
The older driver in that post should work for all cameras.

However, the works absolutely fine on my Windows 7 64 bit with DFK 21F04 and the AF/BF successors. Therefore, I wonder, what is wrong on your system.
Maybe you can try a FireWire board different from VIA. I made some not so good experieuces with VIA chipsets in the past. The same you describe: The card sends a request, but does not handle the answer.

July 30, 2015, 01:38:26
Which controller do you recommend which works best with your cameras ?

Stefan Geissler
July 30, 2015, 10:28:42

I made best experiences with Texas Instruments.