View Full Version : Problem with high exposure values and latest driver

October 22, 2014, 17:17:20
Hello there,

I am using the GigE camera DFK 23GP031 and the latest driver for Windows. I am developing an app with C# and I try to change the exposure value starting with the current one, and reaching the lowest one in several steps. In between, after checking that the new exposure value is set, I am grabbing a picture using MemorySnapImage(). The problem is that the picture is not always what I expect. For lower exposure values I am getting brighter pictures (all other settings are the same, 'auto' settings disabled).
When I add a 'sleep' time interval (more than 2 secs) after changing the exposure and then grabbing the picture, finally I am getting the image I am expecting, with the correct level of brightness! It seems that the camera (buffer, hardware or something else) has a delay to refresh or update itself and I am getting an outdated image. This thing I have never met with the old driver.
I don't want to use the old one though, because they are solved some other issues that I had.

What am I supposed to do?
Is there any new firmware for the camera?

Kind regards,

Stefan Geissler
October 22, 2014, 17:21:28
Hello Loukas

The new exposure setting is valid after a frame has been exposed and deliverd. Therefore, your immediate call to MemorySnapImage can be too early. Two seconds seems to be too much, however, this depends on the frame rate. If you run the camera with two frames per second, then two seconds wait seems suitable.