View Full Version : DMK 21BF04 noise problems ?

August 29, 2014, 10:37:17
Hello to all.
We have a XYZ-System that makes pick place.
One camera (DMK 41BF02) makes the image of all parts that have to be picked,
The other camera (DMK 21BF04) is mounted on the XYZ System and moves with the gripper
acts as a detail camera to see some details of the parts that the big camera can´t see.
The FireWire cable for the camera has to be installed in a cable chain where the motor
cables are also installed.
The detailcamera works without problems but if i start the machine and the motors are activated
the camera stops to send images and i have to unplug the camera and plug it again so that the camera
will be recognized by the software.
I think that it is a problem of electrical noise.
How sensible is FireWire against electrical noise ?
Is it better to use Ethernet cameras ( f.e. DMK 23G618 ) in this cases ?

Michael Kirmse
September 3, 2014, 15:38:05
Dear franz,

the camera failing in this situation can have multiple reasons.
Strong electric noise is a possibility.
If the mentioned motor creates a lot of vibrations, then that can cause the electronic contacts to be disconnected for a moment.

Do you have the possibility to test the camera on another system, to make sure that it runs normal under controlled conditions?

September 5, 2014, 13:36:00
The camera runs without problems when the machine don't runs but i dont know if it is a problem of electrical noise or a problem of
electrical noise because often i have to unplug the camera and attach the camera again so that the camera appears in the "Select Device"
If the te GigE cameras are better against electrical noise we would like to substitute the FireWire Camera with a GigE camera!