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August 27, 2014, 12:53:20
Hi everybody.
I'm italian so please be sorry for my poor english...

I'm new to ImagingSource products so I'm asking you help for the initial IP configuration for a DFK 23GV024 and 23GP031.
They are powered by PoE voltage through the LAN connector, so I'm using a PoE injector and an external 48V power supply to power them.
They're both connected to my internal network switch. LED on the LAN connector lights up (orange led blinks in a non-regular way).
Anyway I can't understand how to configure the IP address on them: they don't seem to ask any IP address to my internal DHCP server (so they don't appear to be configured as dhcp). I tried a netscan on both the 0.0/24 subnet and 1.0/24, without any result.

Which is the default factory IP address for these cameras models?
How can I configure them for the first time?

Any help is appreciated,


September 20, 2014, 17:04:13
Ok, solved.
My previous power adapter/injector seems to be damaged.
Replacing it with one of these solved my problem:

The camera asked a new IP address to my DHCP Server and the GigETool software could display it correctly.

Tnx to everybody.