View Full Version : oaCapture 0.0.7 beta released for Linux and 64-bit OSX

June 25, 2014, 01:56:16
The new version of my planetary capture application on Linux and 64-bit OSX is now available for download.

In this release I've added support for the Imaging Source USB astro cameras on OSX (they're already supported on Linux). It is possible, though I am not in a position to test because I don't have any, that the FireWire versions of the same cameras may also work on both Linux and OSX. I believe the FireWire cameras are IIDC/DCAM and I have added support for the protocol in this release. There may be some permissions issues on Linux to work through before they will work however.

Also possibly working, though again I don't have any to test, are the Celestron Skyris planetary imaging cameras. I've been told that the Skyris 618 works on OSX, but I'm not sure it is doing so reliably.

Downloads are available from: