View Full Version : Gige camera DFK 23GV024 test

March 29, 2014, 11:46:49
Hi there,

This is my first post,

It is very good that there is a place like this and i'm very huppy that i have my first Imaging source camera.

Some questions to get started...

How i can start testing the out strobe and acquisition signals?

I have installed the ic capture,imaging control,z barcode and test the capture things but only this...

Is there any sample that i can rely on and building my own applications in c# (it is the one i am familiar).
Is there any place with sample codes about input and output signals?

Generally i used to work with smart cameras and now i want to move a step more and build my apps in C#.

I made some jobs with aforge libraries.

Am i approaching the things all right?

till then i am reading the older posts but it is too hard cause i cant understand witch posts reffers to c#.

Thanks in advance...
Every advise for my new beginning will be appreciate.

Best regards
Fanis Katmadas