View Full Version : IS DBK21au618.AS image quality problems due to firmware.

March 28, 2014, 11:15:16

When I first bought the camera year or two ago, there was an issue with the 30fps recording showing two vertical stripes at high gain. Also when recording at 60fps, I would always get this thin line near the left edge of any planet I imaged as seen here:

http://terop.kuvat.fi/kuvat/astro/25.3.2014/capture%2014-03-25%2022-07-02_HQLinear.png/_full.jpg and http://terop.kuvat.fi/kuvat/astro/25.3.2014/capture%2014-03-25%2001-46-36_HQLinear.png/_full.jpg

I have read that the older/initial firmware of the camera gets rid of those two vertical stripes at 30fps and I also remember reading some reviews of the IS cameras with 618 chip not having the onion ring problem (or whatever ghost image that is on the left side of the planet) and I'm thinking, maybe the newer firmware that ships with the camera is somehow borked. But then again I've read messages that the older firmware has a problem with grid pattern appearing after debayering 60fps videos like seen here (taken from this forum):


Regardless of this, I requested the firmware downgrade from IS and Stefan replied to me and sent the link to the firmware file and I downgraded the firmware of my DBK21au618.AS to the older one that has working 30fps and supposedly problem with bayer grid at 60fps.

30fps is now fixed and this is what I get at 60fps:

http://terop.kuvat.fi/kuvat/astro/27-28.3.2014/capture%2014-03-27%2021-45-45_HQLinear.png/_full.jpg and http://terop.kuvat.fi/kuvat/astro/27-28.3.2014/capture%2014-03-28%2001-29-35_HQLinear.png/_full.jpg

I used very, very strong wavelets because the seeing has been totally horrible for the past week as you can see from the low quality images. Regardless of that, there is no bayer gridlines problem like in the picture above and also the onion ring effect from the left side of the Jupiter and mars is now gone. If I used as much wavelet power in the past as I did yesterday the result would be totally unbearable. But for these new images from yesterday after the firmware downgrade, the problem is just not there.

Both Y800 and BY8 at 60fps behave like this now, image quality wise there is no problems with either of the formats.

This is what I think of the situation:

1) The current firmware that ships with the IS cameras is not functioning properly. Not only does it have problems with 30fps recording, it also introduces unwanted side-effect on 60fps images as seen from my own pictures.

2) The original firmware version that has working 30fps recording and is supposed to have bayer gridlines problem at 60fps is actually working correctly and should have never been updated to the newer one.

I don't do debayering with registax though, if the registax has been the problem with gridlines since registax's debayering just doesn't work properly and/or is of very low quality. I use different debayering program that allows me to choose HQLinear as the debayering method (among other methods) and doing the processing like so gives me the results I want.