View Full Version : IC Capture - Connection lost when changing image size (DFK Z12GP031)

February 26, 2014, 14:15:10
Hello all,

I am using IC Capture together with a DFK Z12GP031 camera directly connected via gigabit ethernet. When the camera shows up in the "IP Config" tool, I hit the button to assign a temporary IP adress. Then I start IC Capture 2.3, which immediately starts to display a live image at 640x480. As soon as I try to switch to a different resolution the connection is lost and the camera hides from the device list in the "GigECam IP Config" window.

After a few seconds the camera shows up again and I can reconnect it in IC Capture. But again the resolution starts at 640x480...

The only workaround seems to be to be very careful (maybe wear protective gloves?) and use the lowest possible FPS setting before changing the resolution. Does anybody else have this problem?

Any help and tips are very appreciated!


Stefan Geissler
February 26, 2014, 16:30:44
Hello Oliver,

It looks to me, that you are not using a Gigabit network, or there is a 100mBit device (e.g. PoE Injector) in between. If the green LED on the camera does not light, then you do not have a GigE connection and the camera will disconnect, as soon as the bandwidth is exhausted.

use the lowest possible FPS setting sounds for 100mBit too.

February 27, 2014, 16:46:53
Hello Stefan,

thanks for your help. The test was done using a direct cable from the gigabit ethernet socket of my laptops docking station to the camera. I will repeat the test to look for the green LED. But in the meantime I switched to another PC with dedicated Intel NIC and it works with higher FPS rates and without problems. So it must be connected to my laptops GigE ethernet.

Best regards,