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February 8, 2014, 16:58:27
Is it possible to implement a readonly-type FrameFilter without having to copy the whole frame from source to destination?

For my application a low latency is vital. I am using the FrameFilterImpl class to implement a frame filter. The filter only analyses the data. The data is not changed in any way.

I am using a USB CMOS camera with Aptina sensor, programming is done in C#.

Thanks in advance!

Stefan Geissler
February 10, 2014, 11:00:43

This is possible in C++ only. You filter should be inherited from FrameUpdateFilterImpl. Please refer to

You could create a frame filter module in C++ and use it in your C# application. A frame filter module is a DLL.

February 10, 2014, 15:45:19
Hello Stefan,

thank you for the quick answer. That Update method is exactly what I need. Its unfortunate that this class did not get implemented in the C# library. Is there any other way then using C++?


Stefan Geissler
February 10, 2014, 16:44:44
Hello Sebastian,

Is there any other way then using C++?
Unfortunately not.