View Full Version : Setting white balance and other camera settings directly

February 6, 2014, 19:05:29
I'm trying to set the white balance values and not having success. I can set set the values using the "old"method with these commands.

VCDProp.RangeValue(VCDIDs.VCDElement_WhiteBalanceB lue) =XX
VCDProp.RangeValue(VCDIDs.VCDElement_WhiteBalanceR ed) = XX

However there is no control for the Green balance.

For the exposure setting, I'm using newer command:

Dim AbsV As TIS.Imaging.VCDAbsoluteValueProperty

AbsV = ICC.VCDPropertyItems.FindInterface(VCDIDs.VCDID_Ex posure + ":" + VCDIDs.VCDElement_Value + ":" + VCDIDs.VCDInterface_AbsoluteValue)
AbsV.Value = 0.001

which works fine. However this code doesn't seem to work when I try to apply it to the white balance values. This format doesn't seem to work for Gain either, although I can use the older method. I'm finding the example programs too abstract to tell me what I need - how to set specific camera settings. I don't need a slider user access - I just need to set them directly.


Stefan Geissler
February 7, 2014, 08:40:51

Which camera model do you use?

ICC.VCDPropertyItems.FindInterface(VCDIDs.VCDID_Wh iteBalance + ":" + VCDIDs.VCDElement_WhiteBlalance_Green+ ":" + VCDIDs.VCDInterface_Range)

could work. However, if this returns NULL, then your camera simply does not support a green value.

Depending on the used camera Gain uses a range interface or /and an absolute Values interface.

You may use the VCD Property Inspector to see all supported interfaces.