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November 6, 2013, 14:35:21

having found this forum after I sent a Suppot request directly to TIS I am posting my cry for help here as well.

I have bought a new DMK 23G274, installed it on Windows 7 and it worked, when connected directly into my PC ethernet card. As I wish to have it accessible on the network, I had a socket for it set up, but I could not get it to work - the camera would not show up in the GigECam IP Config (IPC) utility list. Ever, whatever I did to firewall etc.

Then I connected the camera directly to my PC again, it showed up in the IPC list and I tried to fiddle with the Configure IP controls. I checked the "Persistent IP" checkbox upon which the right-hand entry fields became active and pre-filled with some IP, subnet mask and gateway. That was when I messed up, apparently: Without changing anything nor writing any of it down I applied the Persistent IP setting. The camera disappeared from the IPC list and from then on it is invisible. Neither I, not our IT guys nor the re-seller (where I bought the camera) could find out, how to make the camera visible again - on any of the computers it had worked with before.

In spite of trying a variety of tricks with Windows ipconfig ad firewall settings we could not "see" the camera. So I am coming to the question: What should I do now? Is there a "Reset factory defaults" button (or SW utility) somewhere? If I find out (by a brute-force probe on the socket, where the camera is connected), what IP the camera has been set to, what should I do to have the camera visible in the IPC and, therefore, usable again?

Many thanks for any pointers.

Stefan Geissler
November 6, 2013, 16:18:52

- Disable the firewall temporarily
- Open the GigE Cam Config Tool (it should have an icon in the Systray/Taskbar near the clock)
- The camera should be listed now. Click on the camera in the list. Now there is a tab "Temporary IP Address", click on it
- Enter a valid IP address such as "" matching to your current IP Address and click on the "Force IP" button. The IP address depends on your network settings.
- Mark the camera again and click on the "IP Configuration" tab.
- Uncheck "Persistant IP" and check "DHCP"
- Enable your firewall

You can query your own ip address by opening a com,and line window ("cmd.exe") and enter "ipconfig".

November 7, 2013, 14:42:44
Thank you, Stefan!