View Full Version : The Imaging Source DMK 21AU04.AS problem

June 21, 2013, 12:40:23
Hi there! I gave a problem with my camera, a DMK 21AU04.AS
For several days now, the camera has slowed down and the exposure rates changed.
I have a 150/750 F5 telescope, and until recently I have filmed the moon at 1/5000 or 1/3333 exposure rates, and I got easyli 60fps.
Now, since about a week ago, I can film the moon only at 1/1250 (with high gain) or 1/909. When I'm recording at 60fps it only gets about 20 frames/second. At high magnifications (with barlows) it is unusable for Mercury, Saturn or Venus (used with them before)
What can I I'm using a core i3 processor and 2 GB of RAM and never had a problem before. When I'm capturing with IC Capture I never ever use another device connected to the laptop (not even a USB mouse) and I never ever ran multiple programs, only IC Capture. In the last 2 nights seeing was good to very good, no transparency issues. My settings are the same as before the problem, same gain same white balance. I'm using Windows 8