View Full Version : Camera�s Image is not captured when pressing the Print Screen key

June 6, 2013, 23:52:11
I would to request a little help. I am trying to capture a still image using the Print Screen key, from a live image streaming.
When pasting it on a image editor like eg. ms Paint, everything is displayed, excepting the camera�s image content.
I tried using IC Capture versions. 2.0. and v 2.2.0., with both have the same issue.

I am using print screen function since I would like to capture the whole screen, and not only the v�deo or stills images only.

My config. is:
O.S. Win XP pro SP3
camera model: DMK31AF03
IcCapture running in admin mode.

Michael Kirmse
June 7, 2013, 14:39:12
I have answered the question in the other thread you opened. The reason why your first post did not show up in the forum immediately is that the first post of every new user has to be approved by a moderator to avoid spam.