View Full Version : DBK31AU03.AS picture dissappeared,

May 31, 2013, 22:43:06
I was using my camera for sunspots sequences on my laptop. I set the last 2000 frame sequence and went away. On return - a few minutes, the sequence had completed OK but the picture had vanished. I closed IC Capture and restarted. The camera was detected by the USB - type and serial no etc but a message "camera does not appear to be sending a picture" message appeared. I've tried uninstalling IC Capture and C++ and reinstalling with no effect. The camera is OK - I installed IC Capture on my desktop which also uses XP and it all worked OK but is not practical for my observatory. Any ideas short of complete system install appreciated. The USB ports seem to work on other devices for file transfers - Hard drives and sticks are all I have.