View Full Version : Questions about IC Imaging control with Open CV

May 24, 2013, 16:01:25
I'm doing a application of eye-tracking with OpenCV

Programming language: C#
Tools: Visual Studio 2010
Hardware tools: Imaging Source: Video-to-USB 2 Converter

My concept of program is that
1. get image from camera which connected by Video-to-USB 2 Converter
2. do pupil detection with OpenCV
3. return pupil center (x,y) and act as a mouse position
repeat above steps

My questions is...
1. Can I display 2 or more window with only 1 camera (1 for original live, others for image after process)? and how?
2. Usually, the sample code using "icImagingControl1.LiveStart()", it returns a sequence of images. Can I only get 1 frame for me to do image processing to fit my concept of program? or any other suggestion?

Thanks for reading =]