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May 17, 2013, 15:26:57
Good morning,
I have created a program with visual studio C++ 2010 Express that uses an opencv dll to process images coming from the camera. The program works well with a usb camera, but does not work with the DMK 23GP031 gige cam. Infact the opencv doesn't support that camera.
So now I am trying to use the icImagingControl component to work with the camera but when I elaborate images with my dll opencv based, the video stream is slow and the elaboration is not good. I am using icImagingControl1_ImageAvailable event handler to obtain that, but it does not work fine. So I explain to you what i whould like to do.
I want that a video frame coming from camera has to be converted in a Iplimage object, and after this object has to elaborate by a function of my dll. So i have to send to the video of icImagingControl the output of my function that is an iplimage object. So i think i have to convert this object in something that icImagingControl can understand. So the question is how can I use both the icImagingControl1 and my dll opencv based to get that?

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Stefan Geissler
May 17, 2013, 16:47:31

Please use the IC Imaging Control Classlibrary instead of the .NET component in a C++ project. This makes you live much more easy.

The byte pointer returned by MemBuffer::getPtr() can directly passed to the IPLImage image data pointer.

You may also look here:

May 17, 2013, 19:49:00
ok..I wil try so..
Thanks very much