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May 13, 2013, 10:35:25

I have a DFK23G618 GigE cam. I have an idea of having the trigger input working as a one time start signal for recording video. The video should then be recorded for a certain period and after this switch on, and wait for the next trigger input to start recording again. I program in C# and after having read the .net component user help, I believe that it is not possible to have the trigger input working like i wish. Anybody disagree I look forward to hear from you.



Stefan Geissler
May 13, 2013, 11:12:59
You can use the trigger as GPIn, so you can query the state of the trigger input by software.
I added a C++ sample, that does, what you want to do. Unfortunately I have no C# sample.

For C# you need

private VCDButtonProperty ReadButton;
private VCDRangeProperty GPIn;

Query the properties:

private void QueryVCDProperties()
ReadButton = (VCDButtonProperty)_ic.VCDPropertyItems.FindInterf ace(VCDIDs.VCDID_GPIO + ":" + VCDIDs.VCDElement_GPIORead + ":" + VCDIDs.VCDInterface_Button);
GPIn = (VCDRangeProperty)_ic.VCDPropertyItems.FindInterfa ce(VCDIDs.VCDID_GPIO + ":" + VCDIDs.VCDElement_GPIOIn + ":" + VCDIDs.VCDInterface_Range);

if (GPIn.Value == 1)
// Do something, if it is 1
// Do something else, if it is 0

Please keep in mind, the GP In is not buffered, so the signal must be on high level over a period in that your program checks this. A better approach is to keep the signal high as long as you want to capture an AVI file.

May 13, 2013, 15:12:07
Hi Stephan.

Thanks for replying.

I am not sure excactly how to convert the cpp sample to C#. Could you try to give some more info of what components to use for trying to get hold of the trigger input. The camera I have has only the trigger input and two output. Could you advise how excactly to get these.



Stefan Geissler
May 13, 2013, 16:18:39
Dear Morton,

Please see the C# snippets I posted in my first post. This should be a good starting point. The rest can be seen from the C# samples of IC Imaging Control, installed into your user directory.