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February 20, 2013, 13:05:20
Hello all,
I have to compare the sensor sensitivity ofDFK72 (CMOS) and DFK51 (CCD) cameras.
I'm a little ignorance about this point, but I see that for CMOS sensors the minimum illumination is expressed in V/lux-sec instead for CCD sensors it is expressed i lux...how can I compare them?

What is exactly intended as "Minimum Illumination"?

Thank you and Bye

Stefan Geissler
February 20, 2013, 14:35:04

comparing them is not as simple, because the DFK 72 has much smaller pixels than the DFK 51. Therefore the DFK 72, without binning, is much less sensitive, than the DFK 51.

The best way for compare of them is to set up a very well controlled light environment and then measure the image brightness of both camera under same settings and conditions.